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Those who know me know that I load BOINC on my desktop computers so I can give something back to society with their idle time. No, I’m not like the current GOP replacement for Obamacare which could be more aptly named “be rich or die.” Every person who has a desktop computer sitting at home can better the human race by contributing its idle time to the cure for cancer, mapping the human genome, fighting AIDs, Ebola or a rash of other things. Recently I added The Lattice Project to my list of joined projects. I have since disabled getting anymore work units from it. This has to be the biggest violation of the BOINC philosophy I have ever seen. Traditionally the philosophy of BOINC is to only take idle…

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If you need more health care than this and aren’t rich DIE!  

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When you spend your life as an IT consultant trained in stepwise refinement and proper analysis techniques this cartoon really does reflect what is currently going on in Washington. There should never be a repeal only legislation to either fix or replace. Just imagine if any one of us went to our client/employer and said “We are going to remove the payroll system then design a replacement. Nobody, not even you, will get paid until then.” I was born a republican, but the current course really is a terrorist strike against American citizens with the potential to kill more than perished during 9/11.

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Whether you are watching the twitching of the Republican dinosaurs in Springfield, Illinois or watching politics on the national level you have to come to the same conclusion. The 2 party system of graft, corruption and cronieism has died. Its last few surviving dinosaurs lie twitching and shivering in the nuclear winter where they will forever be denied food making the outcome predetermined. Odd since they had been so good about predetermining the outcome of investigations before they started for so long. The 2 party system started dying during the Clinton administration when Janet Reno not only didn’t put any Microsoft officials in prison, but didn’t prosecute them for calling Windows 3.1 an “operating system” on the box and in advertising when it was no more than a task switching…

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When it comes to ACA (Obamacare) good many people have offered up the “can’t afford it” argument in various flavors, many of which center around “deductibles so high people cannot afford to use the insurance.” I wanted to explore this, because mostly it isn’t true, or at best it is only true for a tiny slice of the population. As children we learn to say “I don’t wanna” and find out it only works some of the time. When we get older we learn to say “I can’t afford it” when we really mean “I don’t wanna” because it has a much higher success rate and some times people even decide to pay for it rather than listen to us continually say “I can’t afford it.” First we need to…

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