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I’m sure this link will disappear shortly, but I received an email with it. They claim this is a “Business Analyst” role. Here’s a quote from the link though: This roles is starting off as a 6 month contract.  This role is for 10 hours per week at a starting rate of $25.00/hr. That is sooooo far below market rate it would be laughable if they weren’t serious about it. Can you say “illegal aliens are us?” I knew you could. They claim this is a downtown Chicago contract if that helps you envision what market rate really is for a BA.    

Information Technology Thank You Sir May I Have Another

If you work in IT, even if you aren’t currently looking for a new gig, you get email spam about openings (both contract and FTE.) Many of them will even be for work using products you’ve never touched. You’ve probably noticed the new scam. Most of this spam has either in the subject or the first paragraph of the message “Locals Only.” Do you know why it is there? They want to pay dramatically below market rate. It’s true. I have had many posts on this over the years. At first a good many companies tried to take issue with the formula I use to calculate a minimum billing rate. Now it seems to be the formula traveling consultants are using. The bottom line is your first 40 hours has…

Information Technology Thank You Sir May I Have Another

Recently I had an interesting discussion with a pimp about a contract opening. They had posted the contract opening on Dice and tagged the entry as “market rate”, but when the called me, they were offering a billing rate well below half of market rate. Several other pimps had called about this same contract, all quoting a billing rate far below market, but this one tried the “chat to him a while and see if he changes his mind approach.” During the discussion they stated the Vendor Management System didn’t allow them to present candidates outside of the quoted rate range. I informed them that is where the first crime happened. They were rather shocked to hear this, but not as shocked when I told them the second crime happened…

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