The Impending Market Crash

I have been saying for quite some time that we are heading for yet another market crash. Personally I believe this one will make the Great Recession which we the people still have not covered from seem like an unexpected car repair bill. I’m not the only one now. You can search for “corporate America toxic debt crisis” and come up with many hits. Not all of these hits are in “tiny corners” of the Internet either. Even Fortune magazine […]

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I Heart Radio 80s Party

Shortly before dumping DirecTV I surfed through channels I never watch and stumbled onto the “I Heart Radio 80s Party.” It was sad, good and nostalgic. I mean it was sad to see the lead singer for “Lover Boy,” famous for antics in painted on red leather pants, looking like a potato stuffed into jeans, to paraphrase a line from Jewel. Martha Quinn was still rocking the black stockings though! Note to all of you females out there, you may […]

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The Can’t-idates

  Non-Fiction Date Published: January 2016 Publisher: Bobtimystic Books     : I’m not a political person by nature. Most of the time, it seems the political world plays out more like a lame ‘70s sitcom with all its predictable characters and routine storylines. However, last spring, I got tired of hearing friends and family complain about the lack of exciting, innovative candidates for president. Everyone seemed ready to vote for “None Of the Above.” So, I decided to take a […]

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How Does a Person Shoot Themselves Twice in the Head?

I just finished watching “Kill the Messenger.” This is a docudrama about Gary Webb who broke the “CIA sells drugs to fund the Contra War story” then basically had is live destroyed. I agree with many critics that this movie is Jeremy Renner’s best work since “The Hurt Locker.” Don’t get me wrong, he’s good in “The Avengers” and basically that franchise but this is a role he disappeared into. Perhaps when he’s given a role based on something real […]

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Is Gmail Black Listed

My Web sites are hosted by While I don’t have problems with sites going down I would not recommend anyone exposing themselves to what passes for technical support either via on-line chat or God forbid, phone. The reason I have had multiple contacts with their support is I keep getting postcards in the mail from Janus saying they tried to deliver to me electronically but the email did not go through. I would endure another long period on chat […]

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