It Takes 150

seasoned_geek   September 29, 2015   No Comments on It Takes 150

A few days ago I got fed up with all of the chatter about income inequality and dug up a blog post from years back. I cleaned it up a bit and posted it on the government petition Web site. Then send you a link via email and encourage you to Tweet, spam, yadda yadda yadda the link. A… Read more »

The Annuity Scam

seasoned_geek   September 23, 2015   No Comments on The Annuity Scam

I poke around on financial sites from time to time. Yes, I see the late night commercials as well, when I’m awake late at night. No matter how many legal beagles and politicians swear up and down they are legit, the long history of annuities which took peoples money then disappeared to countries without extradition treaties (both real and imagined)… Read more »

Perhaps It is Time for a Double Greek?

During this election season we are hearing the phrase “double down” quite often. True it is sometimes “doubling down” or “doubled down” but the gist of it is the same. We have even seen Germany “double down” when it comes to austerity measures for Greece. Many are pointing to Ireland and claiming austerity works. This is the same misguided thinking… Read more »

The Nextbook 10.1 From Wal-Mart

Let me start out by saying it is against my religion to purchase anything from Wal-mart. The client of a client wanted us to test our the software we were developing on one. We already had a rash of hardware, desktops with Linux, Android devices, tablets, etc. so my client backed off on buying even more. Since I was coming… Read more »

The CADT Model Revisited

Some time ago someone in a VMS newsgroup posted this link describing the CADT Model. We stumbled onto that topic because I had recently received a whole wad of emails from the OpenSuSE bug database. It was something of a shock seeing them in my inbox given the fact I hadn’t used OpenSuSE in roughly a decade. You guessed it…. Read more »