Is Gmail Black Listed

My Web sites are hosted by While I don’t have problems with sites going down I would not recommend anyone exposing themselves to what passes for technical support either via on-line chat or God forbid, phone. The reason I have had multiple contacts with their support is I keep getting postcards in the mail from Janus saying they tried… Read more »

Linux Ultimate Edition 5.0

Screenshot at 2016-07-08 07-45-24

Since registration/activation on the user forum seems to take a while and the built int Apport function doesn’t seem to work, I will post this here. A few weeks ago I purchased an Ultimate Edition 5.0 64-bit DVD from Yes this is beta, but, it is a YABU (Yet Another uBUntu) release based on the latest LTS from Ubuntu…. Read more »

The Fix is In!

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It appears that “accidental” meeting of Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch (2 planes parked next to each other, how clandestine is that?) did what it was supposed to. The FBI will not indict Hillary Clinton. I love this quote from the news article: “To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who… Read more »

The Girlfriend Experience

Admittedly I’m way behind on my bathroom reading. Just this week I read a review in Time magazine about “The Girlfriend Experience”. The concept is both intriguing and under explored in general popular works although there has been a new television series based on something similar. Basically a woman with a good career and a well off family decides to… Read more »

Houston We Have a Brexit!

It is amazing anyone is stunned we now have a Brexit. This was inevitable. The EU refused to go all-in and colonize Syria instead trying to absorb millions of refugees into a demoralized economy they can lay at the feet of Wall Street’s major bankers. You know, those elitists who managed to avoid prison while engaging in a financial scam… Read more »