Postie vs Jetpack

First off, please let me apologize to my RSS subscribers. I have been fighting with WordPress plug-ins to determine which imports posts sent by HTML email the best. I fought for days with Jetpack which claimed to support the feature. Well, if supporting a small handful of tags is “support” then, their claim is true.

Most people think it should at least support everything you can do in Thunderbird when composing HTML and we all know that even that is a severe subset. Ideally I wanted to edit great looking posts in BlueGriffon and be able to email them from the command line.

Why? Because some author friends and I are looking at starting One Dollar Content Store and I, being a geek, wanted to work out the delivery logistics. I’m fairly certain we can obtain a good shopping cart and get someone to customize a content management system with the features I have in mind, but, the physical delivery was my big concern. I needed delivery to customer sites to be painless, or at least as painless as possible. Ideally, once they purchase and set posting date for each article, the posts just magically appear.

Seriously, who would purchase text only posts? Maybe one or two, but, if you are buying syndicated content, you want something really nice most of the time. Nice means fully formatted with links to other sites as well as images. Yes, you want links to the images instead of the images themselves so there is never ever any copyright infringement issues.

Thankfully Postie works. I still don’t have it fully configured, but, I did the basic setup per the quick start guide and my first post looked good.

Well done Postie boys and girls!