How Canonical Fixes Most Major Ubuntu Bugs

Artful is EOL.

** Changed in: gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu Artful)
       Status: Triaged => Won't Fix
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Got yet another one of these today.
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  1. We do heterogeneous computing in our shop with a mixture of OpenVMS and CentOS-7. I have noticed a funny thing in that mistakes made on other OSs decades ago (RT-11, RSX, VMS) are being repeated in the Linux world -AND- there is no way to stop it. One example is when someone installs a new version of Python which breaks a lot of stuff including YUM and the Firewall GUI to only name two of many. Most people coming from a VAX/VMS background know that DCL was changed with the introduction of VMS-5 and this caused problems when some people modified installation scripts which would not work on VMS4. This caused DEC to move from DCL scripts to the PRODUCT command. Anyway, I have a few more Linux anomalies listed here:

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