First Look – antiX

I hate to say it, but this was a waste of a DVD.  I should have put this on an RW instead of just a single use disk. The description looked so good. I’ve gotten really tired of Don’t-Test-Squat-Ubuntu distros. As Canonical pushes more and more of the testing responsibilities out to the other distros, the quality of that distro tree drops exponentially. The YABU Linux-Lite I had on the 6-core AMD with 24Gig of RAM, 384 Cuda core and an SSD was starting to feel heavier than a Mack Truck. I was also getting tired of all the issues.

Keep in mind the current mission in life for that machine is running BOINC. It’s a spare I take to client sites and occasionally use to look something up or test something on. Eventually it will become a primary development machine again, just not now. Not worth the pain of rearranging everything on my desk and the Quad-core I7 currently handles all of my writing and development needs. Besides, I’ve kind of gotten used to this small form factor not taking up a whole lot of desk.

Let me start by telling you the installation menu is expert friendly.

I have 30+ years in IT on various platforms and I really flailed going through that set of screens. Where it got really bad was the default guest user account with a list of groups. Most people, including myself do not know what group does what in Linux. I know most distros require a user to be in “dialout” if they want to use the serial port, but that is only because I write serial port applications with Qt on Linux.

Not wanting to break anything too horribly I added user “roland” and picked a set of groups. This way the default guest/guest account would still work if I pooched my account. Well, the install appears to not have been tested with multiple user accounts because it croaked badly. Sometime around my third attempt at installing I got it installed but could not NVidia drivers and BOINC operational.

Take a pass on this distro as it is no where near ready.