First Look – 4MLinux

Over the past weekend my Internet connection was pretty horrible. After the failure of antiX I wasted a lot of time pulling down 4MLinux. Many attempts to get a successful download then a lot of disappointment trying out the distro.

My standard philosophy when trying out new distros, even bad ones, is to burn a DVD which eventually ends up in this Case Logic carry case because it will be used on more than one machine in the next 6-8 months. This disk and antiX went in the trash.

Once I got over the weirdness of this distro I tried to install the NVidia drivers. Nope, distro doesn’t host pre-built ones, you have to endure the pain of installing build-essentials and compiling from scratch the first time. Guess what? There were pieces missing from the distros for build-essentials.

Not believing something which just came out could have been soooooo not tested, I fished out the Debian 8 DVD and installed it then tried to install NVidia drivers. You betcha! The installation of build-essentials gagged there too. Yet another DVD for the trash.

Okay, to all of you yammering “just use a thumb drive.” Not every machine can boot from USB. Even some of mine which can have issues if you want to boot from a thumb drive while an external disk drive is also plugged in as they don’t popup a selection subm-menu for you to choose. You get whatever the BIOS determined was the boot order of the USB devices and that rarely means the order they were plugged in.

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