Expanding the Range of Your Cradlepoint MBR1000

I have seen this question asked a thousand times on-line. Almost nobody has a valid answer. You hear a lot of cheap basta’s asking if they can just add an external antenna…asking…you never hear from them again. Well, I finally bit the bullet. I needed to get a bit more range that I was getting with my current setup: http://www.logikalsolutions.com/wordpress/?p=24 so I finally bit the bullet.

I logged onto TigerDirect.com and ordered:


MPN: SR150

This thing worked like a charm. I unhooked all my existing stuff leaving only the MBR-1000 turned on. Went into the house and installed this device in place of both the range extender and the 4-port hub. A quick connection via browser to the IP address printed on the quick start card got me into the configuration which allowed me to turn off security and to tell it which network to extend. That was it. Quite honestly it took longer to box everything else up.

One caveat, the Lexmark Pro 700 cannot really be configured to work correctly with wireless N. This is a problem with the setup software for the OpenSuSE drivers (and windows for that matter.) After you tell it the indicator on the front of the printer is flashing red, it wants you to connect a USB cable to continue configuration. While that “might” have been an option for the computers in the house, it was definitely not an option for the computers out in my office. I wasn’t taking them apart to lug into the house, nor was I in posession of a 500+ foot USB cable. Thankfully, there was a wired Ethernet port on the back of the printer, so I simply switched over to a wired connection with a fixed IP address.