Nokia is the new Microsoft

We can only hope Nokia (NYSE:NOK) behaves better than Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) ever did.

I have blogged about this for sites which paid me before, but, many of you simply haven’t caught on. Today I was poking around in the new qt-dev forums and found the following:

Yes, that’s correct, Research in Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM) is hiring Qt developers in Germany to work on both their BlackBerry platform and on QNX. Qt now officially rules the smart phone world. Development for Andriod and Apple platforms already exists and Qt consultants who have worked on any smart phone platform are billing out at around $140/hr because they are scarce. High wages will cause people to purchase books, learn the skills and start making a better living.

Be honest. If you are a new developer just coming out of school, are you willing to work for $10/day? That’s the wage class all new Windows developers are competing with. It doesn’t matter that the code turned out by the $10/day workers is just as buggy (is it possible to be buggier?) than Microsoft code, publicly traded corporations have now demanded all U.S. workers accept $10/day as a wage or see their IT jobs sent to third world countries no matter what the national security implications are. (Read “Infinite Exposure” for information there.)

It doesn’t matter that it is illegal to post job openings with wage offerings below what you can legally pay an H1-B worker, companies are doing it with abandonment. They are also using vendor management systems which allow them to block any submissions above that wage rate then using the lack of applicants as a justification for bringing in visa workers. All of it is completely illegal, but as long as the Department of Labor continues behaving like a group of relatives of elected officials and large campaign contributors, nothing will be done about it.

So, that leaves IT students looking for markets which actually pay. Microsoft ain’t that market. Today, Qt is that market. It is being used at companies ranging from John Deere (NYSE:DE) to Research in Motion. It is being used by trading systems companies and Open Source maintainers. Qt skills allow you as a developer to work for any company on most platforms. There is even an unofficial port of Qt for OpenVMS. (I have not heard of a port for IBM mainframes so that may be the next big software name to spiral downward.

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