Yes Virginia It Is Illegal to Post a Job Opening for 3-5 Years of Experience

The amount of criminal activity occurring in corporate HR departments today really makes Al Capone look small time. No, Al Capone really isn’t an unfair comparison, if anything, the comparison is unfair to Al Capone. Corporate HR departments have now killed far more people than Al Capone ever did or even ordered to be killed. Right now the HR departments are looking over their shoulders really hard because people are starting to add up the body counts and it’s starting to look a lot like genecide.

Of course the CEOs and MBAs engaged in this genecide are hiding behind droves of lawyers instead of South African armies like the leaders the U.N. is after for the same thing. These lawyers are claiming the ever increasing body count doesn’t meet the definition of genecide because their clients aren’t singling out a single race or culture. Their clients are engaged in a modern day Logan’s Run solution and as long as they keep bribing…errr…contributing huge amounts of money via illegal lobbyist networks, the agencies that are supposed to be handing out sentences on death row for this crime won’t even bother investigating.

It’s sad, but it is true.

One of the all time biggest abusers of all things immigration, iGate-Mastech, which routinely runs “Must be H1-B to apply” adds rarely gets prosecuted.

The other odd and shocking thing is that nobody seems to be getting reports from Homeland Security as to just how many H1-B workers for which firms/sponsors have been sent home for terrorist activities. Nope. Can’t find one anywhere. We get dribs and drabs:

But we never see an actual report of how many terrorist per H1-B sponser.

The current wave of criminal HR activity is so blatant one cannot believe thousands have not been put in prison for it already. Granted most of it stems from the obscurity provided by Vendor Management Systems and the non-English speaking hoards that feed from them. Most cut the entire job posting and paste it into their own on-line ad which spiders out to dozens if not hundreds of job boards. You can get a good feeling for how many of these postings happen in a given two week period by simply going to and searching for “3 to 5 years”. Everyone of those posts will leave out the word “minimum” in front of that phrase, making the ad completely illegal. Do the math. iGate-Mastech got fined $45K for demanding H1-B only apply for one add. If each Vendor Management System operator + each corporation + each ad poster were all fined that same $45K for each of these ads appearing in any given two week period, we would knock $4 trillion off the national debt as soon as we got done collecting.

Yes, it’s that blatant and yes, the corporate HR departments allowing these openings to appear on the Vendor Management System need to be fined once for each subscribing company that posted it. The only way to educate a corporation is to bleed it dry. If they get some kind of bail out, like GM and the big banks did, they’ll turn right around and engage in their traditional criminal activities again. (Just look at the bonuses and labor negotiations going on at GM right now…you don’t see any indication they remember the U.S. Tax payer having to eat more than half of that worthless company a scant few months ago.)

Oh, but we have to seal this post with a kiss from the organization which is supposed to be putting a stop to all this shit.

There we get to read this little ditties as to what constitutes age descrimination:

statements or specifications in job notices or advertisements of age preference and limitations. An age limit may only be specified in the rare circumstance where age has been proven to be a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ);

You broke the law when you put in the “to 5”. It’s fine to specify the minimum amount of experience, but, you cannot cap it. When someone with 20+ years experience applies, you have to pay them the prevailing wage for their experience, not the illegal alien wage you were trying to foist off on the H1-B worker.

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