America – The Newest Slave State

The pundits on the supposed news channels keep stating that the Democrats need to stop claiming the Republicans are waging war on the middle class. I saw it again just this weekend on CNN. I guess CNN chose to ignore today’s news. That’s right. Not only does Mr. Romney like to fire people. He likes to make them work for minimum wage once he has eliminated their high paying job. Republicans have even started rolling out the Great Slavery […]

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Does Anyone Else Remember When the Ghetto Was Universally Hated?

The title kind of says it all. I remember those times. Perhaps I’m part of the last generation which will remember such times. I know prior generations held firmly to the belief. No matter where they came from, any able bodied person who found themselves in the ghetto hated being there and worked any job they could find to get out of the ghetto. Today this isn’t the case. Sadly many people think being a person who games the welfare […]

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Child Hunger Ends With You

It is an inexcusable and undeniable fact that in this country which tosses out enough feed weekly to feed a small third world nation that we have an unbelievable number of children who face starvation on a regular basis. They go to bed each night not knowing if they will eat tomorrow, even if they did not eat today. What is more inexcusable is the fact you can put an end to it without making a donation or changing your […]

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