OpenSuSE When Home Isn’t /home Anymore

Over the last few days I’ve been building a new desktop machine.  I was going to hold off another year or so, but, I’m getting paid well for doing timely writing and I didn’t want to find myself suddenly reduced to my laptop.  I had replaced a few components in my other machine, but the CPU and motherboard were over 5 years old according to the dates they displayed when booting.  I had recently even had to replace the CPU […]

Read More Here! 0 Question of the Month posted a question to its writers this month: “What do you think the future of publishing is?” The real challenge of this question is trimming the output down to around 150 words.  I’ve blogged about this many times.  In 2012 we will see the fall of because they have now moved into traditional publishing with their Penny Marshal book deal.  After years of narrowing publisher margins to near zero, this will be the final straw.  Large publishers will […]

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