Monthly Archives: May 2011

What We Choose to Remember Isn’t Usually What We Should Remember

Another Memorial Day is upon us. If you happen to be somewhere nice enough to be outside, then you are most likely enjoying it. Others, those trapped inside, are either chatting on-line or watching a series “all day marathon” or one of the seemingly countless WWII movies which every other station saves for just such holidays. I used to enjoy… Read more »

Some Real Argument Ending Links

I cannot tell you the number of times per week I’m contacted by pimps working for consulting firms which are willingly and knowingly breaking federal labor laws. The lower the grasp of the English language, the more intent they are on committing the crime. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do about it. The first thing you can… Read more »

Expanding the Range of Your Cradlepoint MBR1000

I have seen this question asked a thousand times on-line. Almost nobody has a valid answer. You hear a lot of cheap basta’s asking if they can just add an external antenna…asking…you never hear from them again. Well, I finally bit the bullet. I needed to get a bit more range that I was getting with my current setup:… Read more »

Watch Dewey Do-er

It’s funny how stories from one’s childhood pop up at odd times. Almost as funny as how most ten minute small talk conversations hop through at least seven topics before they end. Nobody knows why, they just do. During a recent small talk conversation I was reminded just how many people used to have whatever kind of license was needed… Read more »

What’s Wrong With Solar Power Today

It never fails. The week before and after Earth Day brings a slew of tree killing junk mail hawking various alternative energy products and seminars. You would think these so called “green proponents” would at least choose to SPAM everyone instead of killing trees by the thousands. What I really wish is that the solar power crowd would focus on… Read more »